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Serta has been a pioneer in comfort since they introduced the first Perfect Sleeper® Mattress 80 years ago. Today they are the #1 mattress manufacturer in the United States. Every Serta mattress is designed to provide exceptional comfort.

Serta iComfort Mattresses 

Serta iComfort Mattresses are some of the best gel memory foam mattresses on the market today. They offer great support and pressure point reduction, as well as reduced motion transfer across the bed for undisturbed sleep. You can benefit from better sleep with less tossing and turning when you are more comfortable in one position. Serta iComfort mattress models using this technology include the Serta iComfort Blue Max 3000, Serta iComfort Blue Max 5000 Elite Luxury Firm Mattress and more.

One benefit of the cool gel memory foam is that it will dissipate heat better and allow each sleeper to be more comfortable. Temperature can be a major factor for discomfort throughout the night, and these beds are designed to sleep cool.

Especially the Blue Max series, which incorporate phase change technology that actively draws heat away from the body to keep you cool and comfortable. The soft stretch knit fabric conforms to the body well so the super-high-density memory foam mattress can adjust to the curves of your body and provide excellent support. These models come in most bed sizes. Serta has created different models from firm to soft by layering the iComfort Mattresses with varying firmnesses of memory foam. Side sleepers often prefer a slightly softer feel, while back sleepers more medium firm and stomach sleepers prefer a much firmer sleeping surface. These beds come with a 10-Year manufacturers warranty. Choose the Serta iComfort mattress that is right for you!

Serta Perfect Sleeper Elite Mattresses

The Serta Perfect Sleeper Elite mattress line is at the top of the perfect sleeper collection. The different levels offer different features and benefits. The elite collection has a higher number of pocketed coils than the non-elite line. When you have more coils in a mattress, your body weight is spread out over more support, and each coil takes less weight, which means more support and a longer lasting mattress. The enhanced comfort layers of the Elite collection offer additional pressure point reduction and a higher level of comfort than other, other models. Also built with a 10-year manufacturers warranty, these Serta mattresses are designed to last.

The new Serta iComfort mattresses are the latest in innovative technology. Buy your Serta iComfort mattress online, or visit a store today.