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Sealy Hybrid Mattresses


Sealy Hybrid Mattresses


Sealy mattress company has been making mattresses for a long time. They pioneered the brand Sealy Posturepedic, which has been known for good back support. Their current line of models is made of 3 categories.


Sealy essentials collection models feature more basic innerspring construction, yet are still comfortable and last longer than cheaper models.


Sealy performance models feature enhancements like pocketed coils, higher coil counts, enhanced edge support, higher quality foams and more breathable fabrics.


Sealy premium models feature high density memory foam, even higher coil counts, handles on the edge, cooling materials in the foams and fabrics, and enhanced edge support. The

Sealy Hybrid

Sealy Hybrid mattresses are one of the best mattresses on the market. These models are great, because they combine pressure relieving memory foam with quick responding pocketed coils. Enhanced with offset coils in the center third of the bed to increase durability and reduce body impressions, these mattresses are built to last. Experience the Keblurn 2, Copper Plush or Copper Firm models at a Quality Sleep Mattress Store today. 




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