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Choose from Sealy Posturepedic Premier Hybrid mattresses or Sealy Response Performance and Premium models with Posturepedic technology. Both mattress collections offer a higher number of encased coils for better support and less motion transfer for undisturbed sleep, enhanced edge support and the Core Support Center®.

Sealy Posturepedic Premier Hybrid

The Sealy Posturepedic Premier Hybrid mattresses offer the benefits of both gel memory foam and the fast responding encased coils for the best of both worlds. The high-density gel memory foam on top is designed to conform to the body for excellent back support and reduce pressure points so that you can stay in one position longer and get a better quality of sleep. This gel memory foam hybrid mattress is designed to reduce motion transfer compared to traditional innerspring models, and yet be faster to respond to the body than all-foam beds.

There are several models including the Sealy Hybrid Copper Firm , Sealy Hybrid Copper Plush, and more. The encased coil system features an 875 coil count (queen size) for more support. When your body weight is spread out over more coils, each coil then takes less weight, and it can provide more consistent support and last much longer.

Another enhancement that these models have is the core support center. In the center third of the bed, the coils are offset so they can fit almost 20% more coils in the same area. The center third is where 50% of your body weight is, so the enhanced support reduces wear and tear and virtually eliminates body impressions. The cool fabric offers a cool to the touch temperature neutral feel so you can fall asleep faster and stay at a comfortable sleeping temperature.

Sealy Response Performance and Premium Collections

These models offer some of the latest in mattress technology. Sealy mattresses have been designed for decades to provide Posturepedic support for the spine, and these new models continue to deliver on that promise. The encased coils offer conforming support and contour to the curves of your body.

The Response Performance line has 910 coils (queen size) that support your body well. The edge is enhanced with a smaller diameter double coil border for excellent edge support, so you can sit comfortably on the edge or lay close to the edge without feeling like you might roll out of bed. The center third of the mattress is enhanced with gel memory foam, and the top fabric is cool and moisture wicking for a comfortable sleeping temperature.

The Response Premium collection offers a higher coil count of 960 coils (queen size) for even more support.

Although Sealy makes many different models, we selected these specific models because they offer the best features at the best price points, and Posturepedic technology is proven to provide consistent sleep. Buy your mattress online today, or visit a store.