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Instant Comfort Number Bed

Instant Comfort Number Bed

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3 Item(s)

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Number Bed by Instant Comfort

Compare the prices of an Instant Comfort Number bed with adjustable base from Quality Sleep to Sleep Number Beds® adjustable bases and SAVE $500 to $1500!


Why Number Beds?

Number beds use air chamber technology to contour to the shape of each sleeper. When adjusted, it can provide better spinal support than other types of mattresses. With the ability to adjust the firmness of the bed, you get many beds in one. If you are feeling sore and need to relieve those aches and pains, you can take it softer. If you feel like you need more support or just prefer a firmer mattress that won't break down over time, then you can have it firmer. Air chamber beds are great at reducing motion transfer for couples because of the dual air chamber design, so you can sleep better without feeling your partner move. The 24-gauge vulcanized rubber air chambers are built to last and are designed for 25+ years of use. Some mattresses wear out and you are stuck with replacing the whole mattress. With the number bed by Instant Comfort, you can replace just one piece and never have to replace your whole bed again. Air chambers won't compress or break down, so you won't have to worry about the big sag in your bed.

Q5 Number Bed

The Q5 model is enhanced with just the right amount of pressure relieving foam, yet can be set to very firm. With dual adjustable air chambers, this mattress can be set to each sleepers perfect number setting to get just the right amount of support.

S7 Number Bed

The S7 model offers the feel of top quality gel-infused memory foam for a hybrid type feel, but with dual adjustability. Get the pressure relieving and motion separation benefits of gel memory foam and the adjustability of instant comfort adjustable firmness technology.

Q9 Number Bed

The Q9 model is the most luxurious and best number bed at relieving pressure points for a superior night sleep. The dual foam reversible pillow top layer offers the ability to change the feel by reversing the foam layers, and the reversible top cover offers temperature regulation with a cool-to-the-touch side for cooler sleep, and a bamboo side for sleepers who prefer slightly warmer. You can customize the top of the bed, and adjust your firmness number to just right.


Number Bed by Instant Comfort®

Instant Comfort number beds are designed and manufactured by American National Manufacturing, a pioneer in air-adjustable number beds. They have been making high-quality mattresses and innovative comfort technology for more than 40 years and hold various patents for their bed designs. Every Number Bed is crafted with industry-leading comfort components. The attention to detail extends to every stitch of their bedding products. Every model is backed by a 25-Year Limited Warranty. The perfect bed for couples that prefer different firmness levels. All models are compatible with adjustable bases. 


How does the number bed by Instant Comfort® compare to the Sleep Number Bed®?

Both options offer dual air adjustable firmness support. They are both designed for couples who prefer a different firmness out of their mattress.

Sleep Number® may have better marketing, but Instant Comfort® makes an equivelent if not superior product.


The Number Bed by Instant Comfort is not affiliated with Sleep Number® or the Sleep Number Bed®. Any reference to Sleep Number®, 360 Smart Beds®, Flex Fit™ or the Sleep Number Bed® is for comparison purposes only. No affiliation exists between Instant Comfort® or Sleep Number®. No product belonging to Select Comfort® or Sleep Number® is sold on this site and any reference is for comparison purposes only. Sleep Number® is a registered trademark of Sleep Number Corporation.