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Quality Sleep Comfort Scale

The mattress comfort scale rating is primarily a firmness rating, but it also indicates how much you will "sink in" to the bed and helps you determine which mattress is best for you based on your sleep preferences.

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Which is Better, Firm or Soft?

Our comfort scale ranges from 1 to 10 with 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest. A mattress that is rated 10 is extremely firm–comparable to a thin blanket on a firm carpeted floor. Your body will be more above the bed. A mattress that is rated 1 is extremely plush–comparable to a dozen fluffy comforters stacked on top of eachother. Your body will sink more into the bed.

Somewhere in between is a good level of comfort and support for most people.

What Affects the Comfort Scale?

Your body composition affects how a mattress feels to you. A heavier person will typically feel more softness in a mattress because they will sink deeper into the comfort layers. A lighter person will feel more firmness in a mattress because they will be more on top of the comfort layers.

What is Support?

Support is achieved when your spine is closer to its natural alignment. You can tell you have great support when your back, shoulders and hips feel cradled by your mattress and your spine feels aligned and comfortable.

Mattress Comfort

What are Sleeping Positons?

The three main sleeping positions are back, stomach and side. A multiposition sleeper switches positions throughout the night, or night to night. If you are unsure of your primary sleeping position, it is typically the position you wake up in.

Side Sleeper Comfort Scale

Side Sleepers

Softer mattresses are typically ideal for side sleepers. This helps relieve pressure points in the shoulders and allows your body to be supported yet contoured to while lying on your side.

We recommend high loft pillows for side sleepers on softer mattresses. These help cradle the neck and leave more space for the shoulder.

Back Sleeper Comfort Scale

Back Sleepers

Medium to Firm mattresses are typically ideal for back sleepers in order to provide proper back support and avoid having your spine sink in to the mattress. Extremely firm mattresses don’t usually provide enough cradling for back sleepers.

We recommend low loft pillows for back sleepers on medium/firm mattresses so that your neck can lay flatter.

Stomach Sleeper Comfort Scale

Stomach Sleepers

Firm mattresses are typically ideal for stomach sleepers. This helps ensure that your spine isn't inverted by supporting your lower back and keeping it from sinking in to the mattress.

We recommend low loft pillows, or even no pillows, for stomach sleepers on firm mattresses. These help maintain a more natural spinal alignment.

Multi-Position Sleeper Comfort Scale

Multi-Position Sleepers

Multi-position sleepers are typically happy with a mattress that falls just in the middle of the comfort scale. Because they are sleeping in various positions, they need something that will be both supportive and comfortable regardless of how they sleep.

We recommend mid-loft pillows for multi-position sleepers in order to accomodate different positions.

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