Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy a mattress..

You may need a new mattress if you are waking up feeling tired, achy, wake up with back pain, or wake during the night. If your mattress is over seven years old or showing signs of wear, then it's probably time for a new one. Sometimes mattresses don't even last that long. You spend close to one third of your life sleeping, and your sleeping hours effect your waking hours. Your mattress and pillow have a significant impact on the quality of your sleep, and the quality of your life.

Now a days you can do a significant amount of product research online to check out mattress options and details to narrow your choices before you visit a mattress store. This saves a lot of time, however you definitely need to lay down on the mattresses to feel the difference.

What is important in a new bed?

Choose the size of your mattress that best fits your needs. The size does effect the quality of sleep because more personal sleeping space means each sleep partner is less likely to interrupt the other's sleep.

The most common mattress sizes are:

Twin 38" x 75"

Twin XL 38" x 80"

Full/Double 54" x 75"

Queen 60" x 80"

King 76" x 80"

Cal King 72" x 84"

Take note of the specific things that are most important to you in a new mattress.

Do you want less motion transfer? Maybe memory foam? Is your sleeping temperature important to you? Is the height of the mattress important? What about firmness?

By making a list of top priorities in a new mattress, you'll be better equipped to find exactly what your looking for. Great mattress sales professionals will inquire as to what is most important to you in a new bed.

Where is the best place to buy a mattress?

Some big box stores don't have beds available for customers to actually lay down on (i.e. Costco, Sam's Club, etc.). It's very important to be able to experience and feel your new mattress out of the plastic, since you will be sleeping on it every night. Take at least 5 minutes per bed model you try, and try it in your primary sleeping position to evaluate the comfort and support. Does the mattress support your body well? Can you feel fewer pressure points on your hips and shoulders? Does the mattress fill in the lower lumbar region of your back?

Make sure the store you visit offers a wide selection of mattress options, it's important to experience several options to find the one that fits your needs.

At Quality Sleep we believe in being honest and upfront, which is why we provide details and pricing on our website. We also offer Free Delivery in most areas and a 60 night comfort guarantee!

Be wary of unbelievable discounts

Some mattress stores advertise savings of above 50%, which usually means that their regular prices are overinflated to begin with. Sometimes mattress stores do actually rotate out display mattresses and offer exceptional discounts. If it is a commonplace for a retailer, then they are likely recirculating used beds or customer returns, most of which offer no trial period, no comfort guarantee, or warranty. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it usually is!

Confirm all the details

Verify the details of the warranty. Some warranties are pro-rated and it's good to understand the details ahead of time.

Ask about delivery and disposal of your mattress, if needed. Ensure that you have everything you need for your purchase. The last thing you want to do is have to rush out and find a frame or mattress protector at the last minute. Good customer service professionals will ensure you have everything you need by asking if you have everything.