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When should you replace your mattress?

Posted in: Beducation
By Tom Starkey
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When should you replace your mattress?

When should you replace your mattress?

 When should you replace your mattress

You might be wondering when is the right time to replace a mattress, why you should replace your bed or how long should you keep a mattress for?  There are several reasons you should replace your mattress, and continuing to use an old worn out mattress could actually be causing you more harm than good.


Body Impressions

Some body impression in a mattress is actually a good thing as it means your mattress is forming better to the curves of your body and it is providing better support, however body impressions that exceed 1.5 inches usually means you have lost the support the mattress once had and you could benefit from a new mattress. If you feel like you are climbing out of a hole or rolling into one, then it may be time for a new bed.


Back Pain

One major indicator of a mattress that is not providing good support is back pain. More specifically middle and low back pain that is worse throughout the night and in the morning tends to be related to a lack of support from your mattress. It tends to get worse as time goes on, and if unresolved can actually create serious spinal issues. The more you can keep your spine in its natural shape, typically the less back pain you will have. When your muscles are working throughout the night to keep your back in its natural spinal position, the more tired those muscles will feel in the morning.


Waking Up At Night

Although waking up at night may be normal on occasion due to using the bathroom or because of loud noises, doing so for comfort reasons is usually means that your mattress is not as comfortable as it once was. Each time you wake up at night you are coming out of the deeper stages of sleep which are vital to a good nights rest.


Tossing and Turning

If you find that you are tossing and turning a lot at night, it may mean that your mattress is not very comfortable. Although temperature and sleep partners can effect sleep, the comfort and support of the mattress is the number one aspect that effects overall comfort. On an old worn out mattress, the average sleeper changes sleep positions about 66 times per night, and on a new comfortable mattress that average drops to 34 times per night. Less tossing and turning means you will stay in the deeper stages of sleep longer and get a better quality of sleep.


Better Sleep Elsewhere

Often people who experience better sleep elsewhere when on vacation or staying at a friends house versus their own bed at home realize how bad their own mattress is and that they need a new mattress. We tend to get used to things and don’t know any different until we experience a different option.


Needs Change

Most people’s needs in a mattress will change over time. You may need to change your mattress if your body changes, because the comfort and support of a mattress is very dependent upon each person’s unique body shape and sleeping positions. For example, if you gained weight or if you sleep on your side you may need a softer mattress to conform more to your body and reduct pressure points, whereas if you have lost weight or now sleep more on your back or stomach then you may need a firmer mattress. Or perhaps your sleep partner has changed and it’s time to get a sleeping surface that is right for both of you. It’s important to evaluate your comfort and change your mattress based upon your comfort and support.



The average life of a mattress is 7-8 years. Mattresses tend to wear out on a sliding scale. Depending on the brand and quality, they can be good for the first several years then decrease by a percentage each year thereafter. Rarely does a spring ever popout telling you that it is done and needs to be replaced. Usually people keep their mattress much longer than they should and tend to rationalize their decision by “trying to get their moneys worth” or because of the fear of making a mistake when in reality they are going to continue to suffer from the effects of poor comfort and the lack of support.  Some folks don’t realize how bad their mattress is until they go on vacation or sleep somewhere else and experience better sleep. Regardless of how old your mattress is, if it is no longer comfortable then you should replace it. 

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