Sealy Hybrid Mattress 

What is a Hybrid Mattress?

Hybrid is a term for a combination of technologies. Hybrid Mattresses are usually made of innersprings and foam, most often memory foam. Hybrid mattresses are a great way to get the benefits of both technologies and some of the feel of each.


Are Hybrid Mattresses good?

While not everyone is going to love hybrid mattresses, many sleepers enjoy the benefits and feel that they offer. The bounce of traditional or pocketed innerspring coils offer a faster response when changing positions and are often preferred for amorous nightime activities. The memory foam top layer reduces pressure points, reduces motion transfer, and enhances the feel of the bed for more comfort.


How long does a Hybrid Mattress last?

Although it depends on the number and type of innerspring coils, the weight of the sleeper and the usage, hybrid mattresses can last typically as long as traditional innerspring mattreses, around 7 to 10 years. The quality of materials and the quantity of coils make a big difference in longevity and durabililty.


Are Hybrid Mattresses good for side sleepers?

 The support of a mattress for a side sleeper depends on how much the model contours to the body and if it keeps the spine in more of a natural alignment. Usually side sleepers prefer an option that is medium to soft and more conforming to the hips and shoulders. They can make a model softer or firmer based upon the density of the memory foam ( firm foam or soft foam ) and the coil gauge (firm coil or soft coil).  If you lay on the bed on your side and it feels like your back is pretty straight, and your hips and shoulders are comfortable, then it should be comfortable for 6 to 8 hours per night.


Can you flip a hybrid mattress?

No. Mattresses that are designed with comfort layers on only one side should not be flipped. Most manufacturers no longer make dual sided flippable mattreses. Most often you can still rotate the mattress 180 degrees to even out wear and tear and extend the life of the bed.


What is the difference between a Quilted and Non-Quilted Hybrid Mattress?

Quilted hybrid mattresses have fiberfill in the very top layers to offer that initial fluffy feel, then a significant amount of memory foam above the coils to create a hybrid feel. Whereas a non-quilted hybrid has just a thin stretch knit cover then you are right on top of the memory foam with no fluffy feel. Both options can be comfortable, just a matter of personal preference.


Should I buy a Hybrid Mattress?

Although many sleepers prefer the comfort and feel of a hybrid mattress, it is really very subjective. They do offer the best of both worlds for those who like memory foam but still some of the bounce of a more traditional innerspring mattress. It's good to test out the options before purchasing to ensure your satisfaction.