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How to compare mattresses

Posted in: Beducation
By Tom Starkey
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How to compare mattresses

How to compare mattresses

With so many brands, and so many mattress options, where do you start?

It can be confusing and challenging to find the right mattress. With so many options, it makes it a daunting task to compare mattresses and make a decision on which is best. Everyone is different, so there is no ONE right mattress for everyone. Comfort is very subjective, and testing the mattress in-store is usually the best way to make that final decision on whether or not it will be comfortable and supportive when you get it home. 

How do you narrow it down?


When comparing mattresses, it's best to compare like models as closely as possible.  There are many design features and material differences that can play a role.  Let's start with the most significant differences. 


Mattress Support Type

There are 7 basic mattress types.  Innerspring, Hybrid, Memory Foam, Latex, Tempur-Pedic, Air, and Water.  For the most part, waterbeds are no longer manufactured, and there is no longer a demand for them. So lets focus on the other 6 main mattress types. It would be unfair to compare a memory foam mattress to an air mattress because they are a different type of mattress, so it would not be an apples-to-apples comparison. There are many factors in the quality and durability of the support type.

Innerspring mattresses -  both the thickness of spring gauge and the number of innerspring coils makes a difference in how long it will last.

Hybrid mattresses - the number of coils and the density of the foam above the coils makes a difference in comfort and durability.

Memory Foam mattresses - the density of foam and how much of the mattress is memory foam vs. polyeurethane foam makes a difference in how supportive and durable the mattress will be. 

Latex Mattresses - are one of the longest lasting foams made today, however the type (Talalay Latex vs. Dunlop Latex) the ILD factor (firmness of the foam) and the way the mattress is layered all play a roll in comfort and durability.  

Tempur-Pedic mattresses


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