Mattresses For Side Sleepers

What Is The Best Mattress For Side Sleepers?


Choose the right Comfort

When selecting a new mattress as a side sleeper, it’s important to evaluate your comfort level while on your side. When your body weight is more focused on the hip and shoulders you can have higher pressure points in those areas. Reducing pressure points will enhance the comfort level.


Selecting a model that has enough padding or foam to reduce pressure points will feel better at first, as well as over time. If you are laying in the same position for the majority of the night, then it’s important to reduce pressure points. When side sleepers choose a mattress that is too firm, they often end up regretting it because of high pressure points and soar hips and shoulders in the morning.


Arm numbness occurs when high pressure points cut off blood flow and high pressure points can cause extra hip or sciatica pain.


Tossing and turning is significantly reduced with fewer pressure points, because you can more comfortably stay in one position longer and get a deeper sleep.  


Evaluate your support

While laying on your side, evaluate your spinal support. Does it feel like your back is fairly straight? Does it feel like your shoulders can settle into the mattress enough?

Spinal support is important for reducing back pain in the morning. If your spine is significantly out of alignment, then your muscles are working throughout the night to correct the issue, which causes you to wake up with back pain. If the bed is pushing up on your hips, or if your hips are dipping into the mattress like a hammock, then it’s probably not the right support.


Back pain that is worse in the morning, or throughout the night is usually related to improper support from the mattress. Good support can significantly reduce or even eliminate back pain.

Upper back or neck pain is more often related to the pillow. Having a good pillow can reduce upper back pain, because your neck is better aligned and because your neck muscles aren’t being strained.


Are softer mattresses better for side sleepers?


Most often, side sleepers prefer a soft to medium firm feel. This level reduces pressure points and contours the shape of the body when laying on the side. A sleeper can get great comfort and support on a softer mattress as long as the bed provides support. Women generally prefer softer than men.




The right mattress for side sleepers depends on the sleepers’ size, weight, shape, and personal preference. There is no one right mattress for everyone, however most side sleepers find a balance of comfort and support with a medium to softer mattress.