Couple In Adjustable Bed

Adjustable Bed Bases: Not Your Grandma’s Bed!

We all want better sleep, and oftentimes we focus on having the right mattress and pillows to give us a comfortable rest. These are both important, but the sleep system isn’t complete until you find the right foundation! Box springs and platform frames provide a sturdy support but nothing improves your comfort and quality of sleep like an adjustable base. For years, it was thought that the ability to elevate your head and legs was only for the elderly or for those with health concerns, but in reality, people of all ages love having the ability to find the perfect sleep position. Better spinal alignment and pressure relief is something we all need, so here are the top three reasons why you should invest in an adjustable base and get your best sleep yet.

1. Reduces Breathing Difficulty

A common sleep challenge is snoring. Not only is it disruptive to a sleeping partner, but it prevents you from staying in the deeper stages of sleep. Breathing difficulties can wake up us countless times in the middle of the night, and whether we remember it or not we will certainly feel that grogginess in the morning! When you’re able to raise your head, it opens up your airways and takes weight off your diaphragm, allowing you to breathe deeply and easily. Other health issues it can aide with are sleep apnea, GERD, or even the common cold. It doesn’t solve every need, but it does give you a sleep system that changes with you and provides a more comfortable position based on what your body needs. When you breathe easier you can rest peacefully and wake up refreshed.

2. Alleviates Back and Hip Pain

Unfortunately back pain is a discomfort that many people live with, and it can make sleep very challenging. A supportive mattress can go a long way in making sure the pain is manageable at night, but an adjustable base can do so much more! Lying flat can be very uncomfortable but when you raise your feet it can remove pressure in your lower back and provide improved alignment throughout your entire body, including your hips which leads to more relief at night and when you wake up. Having an adjustable foundation helps to train you to sleep on your back because it is the healthiest sleeping position, but can be used by side sleepers as well. It’s comfortable, adaptable, and there when you need it.

3. Caters to Lifestyle

Beds aren’t just for sleeping, they’re for relaxing, watching tv, reading the newspaper and more! The adjustable base helps you stay cozy and enjoy your evenings more because we all work hard, and your bedroom should be your sanctuary! Raise your head all the way up for movie nights that will be more fun and reading that is more relaxing. Cuddling up is even better when you don’t have prop pillows! This foundation is an investment into your health and lifestyle, because every allergy attack, Netflix binge and Stephen King novel is more enjoyable when you have personalized comfort.