Excited Children Jumping On Parents Bed At Home As Family Open Gifts On Christmas Day

5 Reasons Why a Mattress is a Great Christmas Gift

The holidays are equal parts beautiful and stressful, and it can be intimidating to find the perfect gift that expresses how much you care. With so many socks and waffle makers being passed around it’s time to stand out and be the star of Christmas! Nothing says “There’s a reason I’m the favorite” like giving the gift of comfort. Break out the giant bow because these are the reasons a mattress is the perfect present you’ve been looking for.

1. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

A third of our lives are spent in bed, and too many of us spend that time on an old, lumpy mess. Gift cards are used and forgotten and sweaters go out of style, but a comfortable mattress will be used 8 hours a night for years to come! No other gift can contribute to your health and daily life more than a better bed.

2. You don’t have to brave the mall to get it

The holiday season means family, presents, and… mall anxiety. Shopping malls are jam packed with shoppers bustling about looking for the best deals, running store to store frantically trying to figure out what Aunt Betsy might enjoy. You can avoid that disaster by stopping into Quality Sleep. We provide the holiday music but make it easy to find the perfect gift and get it checked off your list.

3. You’ll have a comfy place to stay on Thanksgiving!

Don’t tell anyone, but a guest room bed is secretly a gift for you! Your mom will be thrilled to hear that her guest bed from 1952 is being replaced, and your back will be relieved. Spending time with relatives over the holidays is best enjoyed after a great night’s sleep… on a mattress purchased by you.

4. Their old bed can be passed along to someone in need

In every city there are countless people that are without the comfort of a mattress. When you upgrade your friend or family member to a cozy new set, someone else is able to benefit from the old one! Local homeless shelters or Salvation Army can put make use of the old mattress by giving it to someone that deserves to know a more comfortable sleep.

5. Quality Sleep, quality life

Unfortunately, we all know what it feels like to wake up after a night of tossing and turning, but you can help your loved one feel more refreshed! You’ll benefit from their chipper mood and have them around longer when their health is improved. An awesome mattress helps us to be better employees and more present parents, and that’s the gift we can give every day.


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