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Bed Frames

About Bed Frames

We offer several bed frame options. You can choose a mattress, box spring, and basic metal bed frame, also known as a hollywood metal bed frame, or you could choose a platform bed.

We offer 2 metal bed frame options. The basic model is made of high quality steel, comes with rollers, headboard brackets and includes a center support with single foot on full, queen, king and cal king sizes. Center support is critical for proper support of the mattress and box spring.

The heavy duty metal bed frame option includes thicker guage steel, stronger headboard brackets,an additional center support, and recessed legs with either glides or rollers. Additional points of contact create a stronger and more stable foundation.

Platform beds offer support for the mattress without the need of a box spring. It's important that the slats of platform beds be 4-inches or less apart, otherwise the mattress can dip between slats which causes a loss of support and can wear out the mattress faster. Memory foam mattresses should use either plywood or an ultra low profile foundation (2-inches) so that the memory foam mattress does not dip between the slats. Be aware of semi-flex slats on lower quality platform beds, as these can dip and sag causing a loss of support and wearing out the mattress much faster.

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