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Bed Sheets

Bed sheets come in a variety of different materials and thread counts.

Thread Count

Thread count is the measurement of the number of threads per inch both vertically and horizontally. The most threads you can get into one square inch is just over 600. Some manufacturers count threads deceptively by counting the individualy ply yarn which enflates the count. A 900 thread count sheet set is most likely 300 three ply. A true count is between 150 and 600. The higher the thread count the tigher the weave, and the tighter the weave the less breathable it is. If you are a hot sleeper, I recommend either 100 percent cotton, or eucalyptus sheets with less than 400 thread count, because they sleep cooler.

Pocket Depth

Pocket depth is the measurement of the depth of the edges and corner pockets, and determine what size mattress it will fit. If you have a 12-inch pocket depth, it means it will fit up to a 12-inch thick mattress. Pocket depth is an important factor to ensure it will fit properly. Deep pocket sheets are sheets that fit deeper mattresses, usually over 16-inches. If you use deep pocket sheets on thin mattresses, there will be a lot of material left over and it will be very loose. Read the details of the product so you can select the right pocket depth for your mattress.

DreamFit Sheets on Sale

Choose from the many sheet options including many colors and they fit deep pocket mattresses.

Cotton Sheets

The All Natural 100% DreamFit Long Staple Cotton Sheets with a 260 thread count are soft and breathable for a cool night sleep and available in Blue, Pale Green, White, and Ivory colors.

Pima Cotton Sheets

The World Class 100% DreamFit Pima cotton sheets offer a 300 thread count and are available in 5 colors including White, Soft Linen, Celadon, Taupe, and Blue.

Egyptian Cotton Sheets

You may really like the DreamFit Egyptian Cotton sheets that offer a 400 thread count and a crisper feel. The high thread count sheets may sleep slightly warmer, as the tighter weave allows less air flow and creates a little bit more insulation.

Bamboo Sheets

The DreamFit Bamboo Sheets Degree 5 offer a feel many people prefer, and they come in 5 colors including Blue, White, Sand, Ecru, and Gray.

Eucalyptus Sheets

These are currently discontinued, but may return in the future. Check back for product updates.

DreamFit Sheet Design

All of these sheet sets offer 4x thickness 500 lb tencel strength elastic with built in anchor bands so the corners will never pop off. Find out why they get such high reviews, and why almost everyone who buys a set loves them. Check out the dreamfit sheets reviews to see what people are saying. QualitySleepStore.com is one of the best Dreamfit Sheets Retailers, with free shipping, No Sales Tax (outside WA) and a great return policy. You can return within 30 days for money back if not satisfied.

Malouf Bed Sheets

Microfiber Sheets

Malouf offers microfiber sheets that feel soft and slightly fuzzy. Although not as fuzzy as a flannel sheet, the microfiber sheet set offers a flat top sheet, bottom fitted sheet, and pillow cases as a complete set. A very affordable option with a luxurious feel for the price.

Cotton Blend Sheets

Cotton blend sheets or cotton rich sheets are a blend of cotton and polyester. These offer the feel of cotton at a reduced price. A cotton blend sheet set will sleep cooler than all polyester, but warmer than all cotton.

Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo sheets are made from a blend of Rayon and cotton. These offer a soft and breathable sheet that feels smooth and comfortable. These sheets are designed to fit mattresses from 6-inces to 22-inches.

Eucalyptus Tencel Sheets

Eucalyptus sheets are made from Tencel which is a renewable botanical fiber. These offer a silky soft feel and are cool and breathable. Great for hot sleepers who want to sleep cooler. This eco friendly option is a great feeling sheet and made from renewable resources. This is one of the mose luxurious feeling sheets on the market today.

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  1. DreamFit DreamCool Egyptian Cotton Pillowcases

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  2. DreamFit DreamComfort Long Staple Cotton Pillowcases

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  3. DreamFit DreamCool Pima Cotton Pillowcases

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  4. Malouf Italian Artisan Sheet Set

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  5. Malouf Woven French Linen Sheet Set

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  6. Malouf Woven Supima Cotton Sheet Set

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  7. Malouf Woven Tencel Sheet Set

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  8. Malouf Woven Rayon From Bamboo Sheet Set

    Special Price $179.99 Regular Price $224.99
  9. Malouf Woven Brushed Microfiber Sheet Set

    Special Price $59.99 Regular Price $70.00
  10. DreamFit DreamChill Enhanced Bamboo Sheets

    Special Price $169.99 Regular Price $203.99
  11. DreamFit DreamCool Egyptian Cotton Sheets

    Special Price $169.99 Regular Price $203.99
  12. DreamFit DreamCool Pima Cotton Sheets

    Special Price $129.99 Regular Price $155.99
  13. DreamFit DreamComfort Long Staple Cotton Sheets

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