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Bed pillows are an important part of getting the right support from head-to-toe. You may need a differently shaped pillow or different size pillow based upon your primary sleeping position.

Good pillows for side sleepers

Most side sleepers prefer a thicker pillow due to the distance from head to shoulder. A good pillow for a side sleeper can take the weight of the head off the shoulder area and reduce pressure on the shoulder.

Good pillows for back sleepers

Most back sleepers prefer a medium thickness pillow that is enough to fill in the curve of the neck and only slightly elevate the head. Too thick of a pillow can put stress on the upper back and neck.

Good pillows for stomach sleepers

Most stomach sleepers prefer a thinner pillow. Stomach sleeping is not ideal for the spine, however a thinner pillow can keep the neck from being pushed back too much.

Does the firmness of the mattress matter?

The firmness of the mattress also plays a role in the proper pillow. For example, if you sleep on your side on a firm mattress then your body is more on top of the bed and the distance between your head and the bed is greater which may require a thicker pillow. If you sleep on a softer mattress and your shoulder is allowed to sink more into the bed, then you may need a slightly thinner pillow because the distance from head to shoulder is less.

How do I choose the right pillow?

A best practice when selecting pillows is to pick one based upon the sleep position where you spend most of the night. If you are a multi-position sleeper, a medium thickness pillow can be good for multiple positions.