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Mattress Protectors

About Mattress Protectors

Mattress protectors are designed to keep allergens and bodily fluids out of your bed. A good mattress protector will allow heat to dissipate through, yet prevent moisture and body oils from getting through. Although your sheets will trap most of the skin cells, some will make it through, and spills and moisture can ruin your mattress and break down the foam and materials inside. Some protectors just cover from edge to edge of the bed, while others encase the entire mattress. Both types can be effective and there are advantages and disadvantages to each option.

Waterproof Mattress Protectors

There are several brands and styles of mattress protectors. Protect-A-Bed and DreamFit are two well known high quality brands that offer options for mattress protection. Protect-A-Bed offers a basic polyester top with waterproof backing, a cotton terry top with waterproof backing, a knit cotton top with waterproof backing option, and a cooling waterproof option. While DreamFit offers a cotton terry, knit cotton, or cooling option. Over the course of years, your mattress will come in contact with a lot of substances, and it's good to protect it. The mattress warranty may be void if there are any stains or soiling, and a good protector will prevent stains and soiling.

Encasement Mattress Protectors

Encasement protectors are designed to go around the entire mattress from top to bottom and edge to edge. This type of protector is especially usefull for people who have allergies and may be sensitive to chemicals or smells. The mattress encasement is superior in reducing allergens and it provides excellent waterproof protection.

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  1. Malouf Sleep Tite Prime Smooth Pillow Protectors

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  2. Malouf Encase HD Mattress Protector

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  3. Protect A Bed Snow Mattress Protector

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  4. Protect A Bed Premium Mattress Protector

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  5. Protect A Bed Basic Mattress Protector

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  6. DreamFit DreamCool Cooling Innovations Mattress Protector

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