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Beautyrest Mattresses


Beautyrest Mattresses

Simmons has been making mattresses for over 100 years, and created the Beautyrest Brand. They pioneered the pocketed coil mattress and held a patent on it for many years. These are proven models that are designed for exceptional support and a luxurious comfort level and feel. They make them in Extra Firm, Firm, Firm Pillow Top, Plush, Plush Pillow Top and Ultra Plush Models. There are tight top, euro top, and pillow top models that offer a different feel. All Beautyrest beds are adjustable bed base compatible.


Beautyrest 800 Series

This is the entry level model with pocketed coils and basic comfort layers. The BR800 has an 800 coil count in the queen size, and provides great support. The fabric is a blend fabric and better than other brands that use just polyester material.  For more info visit Beautyrest.com/BR800


Beautyrest Harmony

This level offers a higher coil counts, 900 in queen, enhanced comfort layers including moisture wicking fibers, enhanced edge support, more breathable fabrics, and come in all sizes such as Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King and Split King size.  For more info visit Beautyrest.com/Harmony


Beautyrest Harmony Lux

These mattresses are a step up from the Harmony models, and offer an advanced coil called the T2 coil. This is a double braided coil that is longer lasting and superior to a single stranded coil.

The 825 coil count (in a queen size) could be considered 1650 if you count each of the braided coil segments. These models also have enhanced comfort layers using moisture wicking fabrics, and they are a sustainable product using recycled materials that is helping to save the environment.

Two levels, the Harmony Lux HLC and Harmony Lux Carbon HLD offer a higher level of comfort and support. For more info visit Beautyrest.com/HarmonyLuxCarbon or Beautyrest.com/HarmonyLuxDiamond


Beautyrest Harmony Lux Hybrid

These mattresses offer the best of both worlds, with memory foam on top for reduced pressure points and enhanced comfort, and the fast responding pocketed coils underneath for easier movement and great support. These models offer a 1000 coil count (queen size).

The Beautyrest Harmony Lux Hybrid models offer enhanced edge support, and are built to last. Like all Simmons Beautyrest models, these come with a 10-Year warranty. If you like the feel of memory foam, but don't want to feel stuck, then a hybrid mattress is a great option. For more info visit Beautyrest.com/HarmonyLuxHybrid


Beautyrest Black

These mattresses offer the advancement of the T3 coil with a triple braided coil for longer lasting support. The 825 coil count (in a queen size) could be considered 2550 if you count each of the braided coil segments.

This level is the top-of-the-line for Simmons, and has enhancements above the rest of the line including black ice memory foam for a cooler night sleep, ultra breathable fabrics, enhanced edge support, and sleeps extremely well.

There are 3-tiers including the L-Class, C-Class, and K-Class models. The Beautyrest Black line has been revered by many for a very long time. Most owners highly recommend this product, and it has a high satisfaction rate. For more info visit Beautyrest.com/Black


Beautyrest Black Hybrid

These models offer the benefits of the T3 triple braided coil with a hybrid mattress feel. The black ice cooling memory foam with phase change technology on top offer one of the coolest sleeping surface options. If you sleep warm, you will love the cooling feel of the X-Class Beautyrest Black Hybrid mattresses.

High density memory foam combined with the advanced pocketed coils, offers the best of both worlds, and a long lasting mattress.

These are available in most sizes including Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King and Split King sizes. Like all Simmons Beautyrest models, these are adjustable bed base compatible. Visit a Quality Sleep Mattress store and experience the Beautyrest Black Hybrid mattress today. For more info visit Beautyrest.com/BlackHybrid






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